My name is Fabian Golz.
I'm always working on becoming an better and more effective 2D and 3D-Artist. I enjoy to create characters and props optimized for real-time rendering - all the way from concept to game-ready asset. 

After getting my Bachelor of Arts degree in Game Design at university of applied sciences Berlin in September 2017, me and my team "Team DYO" moved to Spelkollektivet in Fridafors, Sweden to finish our first game DYO. DYO then released in February 2018 - Nice! Since then, I do freelance work for 2D/3D Art.

During previous projects I learned - among other things - basic scripting/coding and prototyping, how to structure/plan tasks, what it's like to work together with different people, creation of materials and how to implement content of different types in different game-engines. All this was very beneficial for my understanding of how a game creation pipeline can work.

I like to participate in game-jams and to start small prototypes to try out different concepts and methods. I also like to sketch, paint and sculpt. For me, it is important to get feedback on the work I do. I also like to help others within my capacity.


View my CV here.
Write me at fagol@gmx.de - I am looking forward to get your feedback (also if you spotted a typo :P) 

Also, if you are interested in my smaller projects, sketches and exercises, you can get a impression on my twitter: @Plasmaernst 



Modeling & Animation
Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, Zbrush

Material/Maps creation
Substance Pakage, Quixel Suite

2D/ Layout
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Gamemaker, Unity/C#, UE4/Blueprints