DYO | Visuals
GameMaker | 4 people | 2015 - Q1 2018
A 2D Two-Player Local-Coop Splitscreen Puzzle-Plattormer

DYO is a side-project I  worked on with colleages from my study course. The game is about the two players escaping a maze by merging the two halfs of the screen in different ways, to get to the exit(s) of each level. In the project, I was responsible for the conceptualization and realization of sprites for characters and environments.

We submitted DYO for the newcomer categorie of the DCP (German Videogame Awards) 2017 and won first place! Thanks to the prize money we were able to work full-time on the Project. We finally released the game in February 2018 on Steam and Itch.

Banger Adventures | Visuals
Unity | 3 people | 6 weeks
A 2D Survival-Sim with a bunch of stupid agents who remember what they see

In this 5th semester project the theme was agent-based-systems. After some initial prototyping we settled with the idea that there would be agents who don't know anything. You, the player, can teach them by showing them. My responsibilty in this Project was to find and execute a visual style appropriate for the timeframe and plattform (tablet), as well allowing for individual looking agents.

Kryo | Programming (Blueprints)
UE4 | 4 people | 3 week duration

A Virtual-Reality Flight-Simulator with focus on body feeling

In this study-project, my main task was programming, which also involved game design decisions. It was exiciting to think of different ways to use the input values from the OculusDK2 headset. Our main goal was to deliver an experience with memorable body feeling. For this purpose we tested our prototypes in different body positions. Benjamin then built a fightboard - it's orientation/rotation could be controlled via weight shift.

models by Felix O.

There was a short article on television about our project.