Work Samples V2

Beast Friends Character Design / 3D Modeling
Two wild friends, an adventurous journey.
Work focused on the human character.

This excercise started with some studies from photo references, followed by quick sketches and thumbnails with the purpose of imagining how the character would move and behave and what poses fit the character. This step took me about 2 hours.

I then reviewed the sketches and chose the pose which I thought conveyed the character best. In Photoshop I did a paintover with grey values. I wanted the character to look stylized, so tried to achieve this. This step took about 2 hours.

Next, I filled in colors. The duo is outdoors most of the time - I tried to reflect this in the skin tones. I played around with different textures, but in the end decided to keep the illustration flat. This step took about 3 1/2 hours.

The model was created in 3ds Max. I focused on topology and tried to keep the polycount low to have better oversight. For posing and for testing the topology I weighted the geometry to a CAT-rig.
It took me some time to figure out the style of the textures. At first I started with a PBR-material, which didn't look good on the model. Then I tried to stay close to the style of the concept, only using a handpainted diffuse texture. During the texturing  I switch between Photoshop and SubstancePainter.

Next steps: Fixing topology - Finishing the texture - overall: achieving more likeness to the concept

Wilhem The Wasp | Character Design / 3d Modeling
An old fighter. Not ready to die yet.
Focus: An asset consisting of multiple parts. 

The Illustration of the character is based on photos of a maquette I created earlier in the Game-Design-course. Because of this, I already had a lot of reference material.

First I made a collage from the photos and corrected problems of the original maquette (proportions, cracks) and problems of the photos (levels, distortion). Then I began overlaying textures, while trying to keep the lighting-information from the original photos.

Before I started modeling I broke the concept into pieces. I seperated by the different materials: Armor-parts, gambeson, belt, trousers, glove, hand, head. My first step was then to block out the shape of the fighter. When the model became more detailed, I split it into the aforementioned parts.

Next steps: Further refining of individual parts - sculpting of organic shapes - retopology of game-model - unwrapping - texturing - posing

The Big Flood | Prop Designs / 3d Modeling
A big flood took it all away. But people adapt.

Focus of this excercise was

a) to design generic props which could be placed in various ways to bring life to an environment.
Inititially I did sketches and thumbnails, while occasionally checking reference photos. Then I reviewed the created content and chose a few sketches to develop further. My main criteria for choosing the props was: Is the object versatile and generic enough to avoid obious repetition when placed multiple times in an environment?

b) to design a home reflecting the change in the environment, showing the adaptive skills of the owner
When creating the house-boat I tried to contruct it from object which would be around like street-signs, barrels, planks, tent canvas. I also tried to imagine the boat as space for the player to walk trough. For this purpose, I did a mock-up from the players point of view.

Rocking Horse | Prop Design / 3d Modeling / Texturing
It's old - but still does its duty.

Before I started modeling I traced some reference pictures to identify defining shapes of existing rocking horses, as well as to collect some construction possibilities for the frame. I then tried to incorporate this knowledge into my own design. The design I came up with was simplfied, since I didn't want to make a hyperrealistic rocking horse yet still something belivable.

For this model, I tried to keep the polygon-count low, while still getting a good silhouette. Some time into the modeling, I was unsatisfied with the shape. It looked stiff and static to me, so I deviated from the initial sketch to get a more dynamic shape.

Possible changes: The silhoutte doesn't hold up from some angles and the mirrored UVs are very obvious in some places.