Work Samples V2

Goose Knight | Stylized low poly character
Heroically waddling towards new adventures

Modeled and textured with blender and Photoshop.

Brussa | Modeling / Texturing
The Nordic Amazon -  based on a concept by Max Warsinke 

Since I really liked Max' unusual concept I asked him for permission to use it. He also provided me with his old model to start off from. 
My goal with the character-mesh was to keep the geometry fairly low, while still achieving good shading, without necessarily having to bake normal maps from a high poly mesh.
The modeling and Unwrapping happened in Blender. I then started texturing in Blender and Photoshop, but later switched to Substance Painter. The texture maps are 1024 by 1024 and include Diffuse, Metallic and Roughness.

Wilhem The Wasp | stylized character | testing a pipeline
An old fighter, not ready to die yet 

The Character-Illustration was created using photos of a marquette I modeled previously. After I fixed errors in the original sculputure, I starting overlaying textures and colors keeping the lighting information from the photo.

I would then extract Bluprints from the illustration to use during the modeling process.
After some exploration and feedback, I decided to stylize the character to some degree.

The modeling in Maya was straightforward. I created a highpoly using the smooth-function and tweaked the base-mesh so it fit the highpoly. Inner details I would create during the texturing phase.

Texturing was done in Substance Painter and Photoshop. I prefer to block in textures in Photoshop using the transform tools.

I created the joint-hierachy early on, soon after the proportions where defined. This way I could quicky bind my geometry during modeling and check the deformation of the topology. With the finished mesh, I used an automatic binding as a starting point, tweaking problematic areas manually. For cloth I transfered the skinweights of the underlying body.

In the end, I am quite happy with the character-design, but the execution of the character is lacking polish. Still, I learned a lot of lessons creating this character, which I will apply to future projects.

Death 3D Illustration
Don't you worry traveler

My goal was to create a scene in which the user would have to move the camera to get the whole picture.
I also used this exercise to get more comfortable with blender.

Beast Friends Character Design / 3D Modeling
Two wild friends, an adventurous journey 

For the beast friend I started with some scribbles, while looking at some old photos. I explored the poses and movement this character would have. Once I had a certain amount of sketches, I picked one of those that matched the character the most, refined and colored it. 

I then used the concept as a reference in my 3D application. The process was fairly straight-forward: I would start extruding from a box and from there subsequently get more detailed by cutting the geometry and moving the new vertices to match the concept.

When unwrapping I overlapped some areas to save texture space. Areas more towards the center and close to the face have their unique UVs, so this doesn't become too obvious.

During texturing I would jump between Blender and Photoshop. In Blender I blocked in the shapes and correct the seems, in Photoshop I reworked the textures and added the colors.

As a last step, I bound the mesh to an armature and posed it and added some blend shapes for the face.